Hi. This is my first blog, Think. Make. Solve. I am constantly thinking about things, making or repairing things, and solving problems. So I figure I should do something useful with all that thinking, making and solving – and share my thoughts and experiences on this blog. I think the name fits! You should find something here that peaks your interest. My hobbies and professions are fairly diverse – so will be the subjects I write about on this blog.

The first job I had was at an Italian restaurant in Baltimore, where I learned the value of work and eventually learned how to cook Italian cuisine. From then on I have moved to Alaska and worked as a graphic designer, screenprinter, engraver, signmaker, musician, industrial salesperson, construction laborer, construction quality control, project engineer, project manager, IT support, administrative assistant and electronics technician.

Some of my hobbies are guitar, music production, electronics, amateur radio, radio science, physics, barbecuing, brewing beer, roasting coffee, building or fixing things, wood working and skiing. There’s no shortage of subject matter to blog about!

What I hope to convey is an interesting perspective that is thoughtful and concise – ultimately that provides something of benefit to you the reader. This blog will also be good for me to organize my thoughts and share them with the world. In addition to thoughts and analysis I will share some insights on every-day life, photography, music, projects I am working on, how-to guides and maybe some sincere and astute product reviews.

I hope to keep you entertained with insightful thoughts about a range of interesting subjects.

Please check back often and share!

-Think. Make. Solve.

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